About ETFO

Professional, credible, trusted. We know Ontario’s teachers!

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) is the union representing 78,000 elementary teachers, occasional teachers, and educational and professional support personnel in elementary public schools in Ontario. The federation has 76 locals across the province. ETFO is known as one of the foremost providers of teacher professional learning within Canada and is gaining a reputation for its work internationally.

Our reputation is based upon providing professional learning that is relevant, grounded in social justice and equity, and teacher-friendly. Unlike other organizations we refuse to rest on our laurels; we constantly strive to improve our offerings based upon candidate and instructor feedback. ETFO firmly believes that you don’t get to be the best by being like the rest. Similarly, we also believe that once recognized as the best you should always work hard to be better – this is something we work at day in and day out. We are committed to continuing to work hard to ensure that teachers have access to the best professional learning in Ontario.

We encourage you to visit ETFO’s website for information about all our programs and services for educators in Ontario.

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About AQs

ETFO AQ courses are unique from those offered by the other providers; this is because of what we call the ETFO edge.

AQs are offered by a variety of different providers: faculties of education, district school boards, and teacher affiliates. In this crowded market, ETFO makes its AQ offerings a superior learning experience by:

  • having courses developed by educators who understand the realities of today’s classrooms;
  • developing course content that is practical, well-grounded in effective practice, and has a respectful balance between theory and practice;
  • recognizing the delicate work/life balance of teachers; and
  • reviewing courses regularly and updating them to make certain that the course activities, resources, and key learning remains current.

Given the ETFO edge and our low cost registration fee, it is no wonder that the number of participants in ETFO AQ courses has increased by 2400% between 2006 and 2016! More than 3500 teachers took AQs through ETFO in the 2015-2016 academic year making us one of the largest AQ providers in Ontario. You don’t grow this large in such a short period of time by not offering the best in teacher professional learning.

Candidates who have taken courses from other AQ providers tell us they find our AQ courses to be the most teacher-friendly – we believe this is because as the union representing 76,000 Ontario teachers we understand the professional learning needs of teachers better than anyone else.

Not only do ETFO AQ courses provide for a superior learning experience, they are also less expensive than those offered by other providers. We are committed to making professional learning affordable for all teachers in Ontario.

ETFO AQ courses meet the guidelines set out by the Ontario College of Teachers and are accredited by the College. Our courses involve 125 hours of study as required by legislation.

Teachers may use ETFO AQ courses to improve their grid placement as identified by QECO or OSSTF. Because each individual teacher has different requirements for salary grid advancement we suggest you contact QECO or OSSTF to verify your grid advancement requirements PRIOR to registering for a course.

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ETFO Online AQs

Committed to providing access to professional learning to all teachers across Ontario, ETFO has created an innovative learning model that is structured around web 2.0 resources and learning tools. AQ participants learn in an interactive, intuitive, and engaging environment that is facilitated by knowledgeable instructors. ETFO’s AQ courses are developed by teachers for teachers. These are AQs that will work with your life!

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