Dramatic Arts, Part 2

Price (CAD): $650.00

Drama Part 2 will focus on the fundamentals of Drama Education in elementary and secondary schools through theoretical and practical applications.   Candidates will explore innovative programs and practices in drama education and examine the barriers that may occur in Dramatic Arts classes.  Critical to the course, participants will be expected to ensure positive learning experiences for all students.  The course continues to focus on the theory and practice underpinning dramatic arts education.

This is an onsite course meaning that while the majority of the instruction will occur in a classroom setting there will also be some online activities. Online activities will be completed during the onsite classes and for 1 week after the onsite classes finish.

Important Information:

Location ETFO Provincial Office

136 Isabella St.

Toronto, ON

M4Y 1B0

Dates Week Days July 4th to July 15th
*Online component will be completed nightly after each class and

must be finished by July 22, 2016.



Times 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

If you have questions about this course please contact ETFO AQ at 1-888-838-3836 (x 3803) or by e-mail aqcourses@etfo.org.


  • Successful completion of the Additional Qualification course: Dramatic Arts Part One; and
  • One year of successful teaching experience, that is certified by a supervisory officer.

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