Occasional Teacher

Price (CAD):$ 650

This course will focus on the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective occasional teacher. It recognizes that occasional teachers may face additional challenges in their professional lives because of the nature of the occasional teaching role.

Candidates will explore effective practices to bond and connect appropriately with students. Because of the nature of daily occasional teaching assignments, particular emphasis has been placed upon developing and employing a variety of instructional strategies to support teaching in multiple educational settings. Candidates will also explore areas of potential difficulty for occasional teachers and be provided with strategies for avoiding such situations.

This course has been designed to provide occasional teachers with a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and resources that will assist them as they undertake this rewarding, yet challenging, professional role.


  • Certificate of Qualification and Registration or Interim Certificate of Qualification and Registration (ICQR) or ICQR (Limited) with the Ontario College of Teachers; and
  • Basic Qualifications in Primary or Junior divisions or Intermediate or Senior divisions in general studies.

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