Visual Arts, Specialist *

Price (CAD): $650.00

This course is designed to extend knowledge, understanding and application of a sound theoretical and studio-based knowledge of art and aesthetic education in the province, nationally, and around the world, and provide a framework for teachers to consider a leadership role in the field of Visual Arts.

This is a completely online course that has a practical studio component. Participants will be required to demonstrate their studio work with the lens of leadership through images and videos on the course discussion board.

If you have questions about this course please contact ETFO AQ at 1-888-838-3836 (x 3803) or by e-mail


  • Successful completion of the Additional Qualification course: Visual Arts Part Two; and
  • Two years of successful teaching experience, certified by a supervisory officer. One year must be with Visual Arts instruction.

Please note textbook required The artWorks is available to purchase from the publisher from their web catalogue: (copy and paste the URL)

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