Teachers had this to say about ETFO’s AQs and PQPs

Great impact. I found all the materials, suggestions, resources, and the feedback in the course very informative and a great experience.

[My Instructor] is so full of light and life! She shared awesome resources and provided helpful feedback. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Many thanks to her for a fun, meaningful course!

The instructor was very thorough and provided descriptive feedback for each and every one of the activities that was extremely helpful. Thank you for all the positive feedback that motivated me to keep going on.

[My Instructor] was amazing! She responded to discussion posts that challenged some of our thinking and kept the discussions going. Her comments from the connect activities were very detailed and specific, I loved that it wasn’t generic. It definitely pushed me more in the last LE to really focus on the activity given and I honestly learned so much!

I loved meeting a new group of FSL teachers and having the opportunity to share ideas and resources with them, as well as share an amazing experience immersed in the culture that we are teaching to students.

Everything was very organized and planned. The locations were amazing.

I really loved all the places we visited and the flexibility and help our tour guide was. I have never been overseas and this was a great first experience and I look forward to traveling more.

Travelling to the Reggio site was amazing. The people and the places were outstanding. The special additions like the unexpected beauty at the winery, the add on Italian cooking class was excellent.

It was truly was a trip of a lifetime and the friendships will continue.

It was nice to take day excursions to other areas to get a better idea of the region and cultural traditions.