Teaching Students with Behavioural Needs

Price (CAD): $650.00

This course is designed to create a platform that offers a collaborative understanding of the social, emotional and environmental factors that impact behaviour, guide development of instructional strategies and overall curriculum adjustments that advocates for the building of healthy relationships, self-regulation and positive self-concept through social and emotional literacy.

Creating and sustaining an inclusive learning environment that promotes safe, caring and healthy surroundings will be explored. Setting the stage through character education, social and emotional literacy, investigating the environment as the third teacher, effective classroom management practices and gaining familiarity with the Exceptionality of Behaviour and additional disorders that are part of this umbrella will be looked at.

Additional topics include: ministry guidelines, alternate programming for students with behavioural challenges, applied behaviour analysis, creating proactive behaviour intervention plans and safety plans.


  • Certificate of Qualification and Registration or Interim Certificate of Qualification and Registration (ICQR) or ICQR (Limited) with the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Basic Qualifications in Primary or Junior divisions or Intermediate or Senior divisions in general studies.